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Crosman 1322 stock cheek riser

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    Anyone printing a cheek riser to fit the 1322 stock?

I found a 1322 cheek riser on Thingiverse by a designer Dustybarn.  Looks like a nice riser.  How do I get one printed? 

There are several members who can print it for you. I can but I would like to see other members get some business also. I have a large order in and waiting on a new main board for my ender 3 to come in to finish that up.

I didnít know there were members who offered that service. How do I contact them?  Should I post in the classifieds?   Thanks for the guidance to how to get it printed.

You can post there it may get you quicker response than this gate. At one time I had a list of members who offer printing services but that list is now gone. If noone offers to help I will do it but the wait time may not be acceptable for you.


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