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Liberty/Avenger? tac stock developement

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what do we do on windy days and foul weather hits, dream of modifications,,,,,

it is still being refined and all the credit goes to my minion.... a family friends son, 18yrs old with 12 years machine shop experience, and engineering student at a solid college

we are borrowing the rear of my cattleman for the pic,,, i am pretty sure he will share the print file with us when its finalized

Rob M:
looking good , whats the weight savings?


Monolithic reciever blocks are the future of airgunning......

If it fits the Avenger, if it folds, if it's significantly lighter - I'd buy one! 8)


--- Quote from: Rob M on March 30, 2021, 01:03:43 PM ---looking good , whats the weight savings?

--- End quote ---

Liberty stock weighs 2.083 lbs ,,,, the Tac with folding rear 1.645 lbs

he did this print with some material he was trying to use up,, the final will be more durable material


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