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Here's the 3D files for the Gauntlet modifications I did, the Hand grip and the foregrip stock which is 2 piece, the front screw mounts are to thin on the front stock so you can just cut that section off it's not needed.
the grip has a mounting hole in the back for a #10 machine screw about 1-1/4", it should be mounted to the stock adapter with either a 10-24 or 10-32 machine screw the side mounting holes are M4-.70x10, the front stock screw is a M5-.80x35

That's very cool. Can you post some closer pics of the mounted forearm and grip?


Nice! Perfect set-up for defending that stash of toilet paper in the background.  ;D

 ;D ;D ;D, gotta keep the Neighbors away from the Charmin or the cheap TP Too.......  ;)

the new Twins
.22 and .25


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