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--- Quote ---it stands to reason the Impact- their flagship model- would get a 20 MOA rail as well.
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I am surprised that they don't have one standard already.

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Same- I would have thought they would at least roll out a 20 MOA Impact rail as an accessory when the Maverick debuted.  When the Impact first came out, slugs were not really in the market eye- at least not at FX.  Slugs have REALLY picked up steam in the relative short time since the Impact has been on the market.  The community has really pushed the Impact in the last few years.  It takes time for the parent company to catch up.   

I sent Saber Tactical an email... We'll see what they say.  It'll probably be "no", or "we're already developing something".


im proficient in 3D design and own multiple 3D printers so I got experience working with them (and building them and other CNC machines)
So if you still want a 3D model and a stl file you can give anyone with 3D printer to produce for you contact me.


There are composite materials that can 3d print and match the physical strength of the machined aluminum piece you tinkering about (only talking about that rail you asking above) but the cost will also match or may exceed just buying the original design from the shelfs.
I am not talking about print from filament forget about that technology, but laser fusion from powder.
The average cost printing that part you shall consider the ratio 33% is a material cost. One of the best services in US I can recommend
They can also print in metals like aluminum, stainless steel, brass
One of the materials I can recommend is MJF Plastic PA12 Glass Beads

I was looking at pricing from shapeways in those materials you listed, that's one of the reasons I stopped the project: cost.  I'm not looking to produce these for sale.  A single piece would have been VERY cost prohibitive, and the cost outlay for a minimum order would be even more cost prohibitive for me. 

I'm hoping that FX will wise up and come out with a new rail with 20 moa cant for the Impact.  It doesn't make sense to me that the Maverick has one, but their flagship model doesn't.  Seems odd.  At least offer it as an option.

The aftermarket rail from Kraford & Lypt isn't what I want, and I'm not sure if Saber Tactical is even working on a new rail.   So for now, a 20 moa cant scope rail for the Impact is dead in the water.


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