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Printing for the artemis pp750?

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--- Quote from: AGEnthused2 on March 02, 2021, 03:24:42 PM ---I find it amusing that the point of 3d printing for many is that is decentralizes designing and manufacturing. the files can be designed anywhere and printed anywhere.
So Iím amused by relying on the postal system.
Of course itís the same for buying filament.
The guy who designs and prints and sells the carm magazines is of course free to market his stuff however he wants.

--- End quote ---

Yep. There's a person on  facebook who designs really nice stocks for the pp750, won't ship outside of their country of origin, and wont share files, even for a fee... free market and they can do what they want... I just think it goes a bit against the "open" nature of 3d printing. Ah well.

Iíve found files from the marauder magazines and the .30 rotor inserts.
Iím pretty sure both came from grabcad, there are plenty of people who are willing to share and most just want credit for their work.
The sharing of files helps advance the hobby.

Designing only a half job and not done yet. You need to fabricate prototypes to prove that design, again and again.
You cannot imagine what it takes to make these to the final working part:

Here is link for the cheek rest to Artemis PP750


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