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Printing for the artemis pp750?

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Hi Everyone
The pp750 seems to be a popular little rifle/pistol/carbine/whatever.... so i jumped on the band wagon and picked one up... should be here soon.

Just curious if people have been printing things for them like magazines, cheek risers, stocks, grips, bipod adapters or anything else. I dont have a printer of my own, but good friend has a PRUSA model and is iwlling to print things out.

I'm sure there would be a market for his stuff, if it was reasonably priced. Keep us posted.

 Only thing I am aware of is the CARM mags.


--- Quote from: Back_Roads on January 07, 2021, 02:05:40 PM --- Only thing I am aware of is the CARM mags.

--- End quote ---

I looked for the best place to place this, so I hope it is the right place.  ;-)

It is not often that I recommend a non-OEM solution.
But in this instance I am going to make an exception. And, do, please, understand that this is not a recommendation by DIANA, but by CCA/HM

I received a "rant" from a good friend about how the Stormrider (the DIANA version of the multifaceted little gun) was a good gun, but the magazines kept breaking.
Now, I have not broken a mag, BUT, neither do I have youngsters to teach shooting to, so . . . I started searching for alternatives and came across the CARM mags.

Purchased one mag and one SS shuttle in 0.177" cal and tested them.


Short pellets, long pellets (Predator), WC pellets, Domed pellets, Streamlined/Baracuda style pellets, Piledrivers, even Slugs.

Absolutely no problem in feeding/jumping one chamber, or double loading °WHEN THE BARREL HAD THE APPROPRIATE CHAMBER!

They load in a more conventional way (from front to back and from the last chamber to the first).
The inserted pellet itself is the stop for the rotation, so no need to hold the mag, nor need to load the last, then the first and so on.
Really well made.

Post from the country of origin takes a LONG time so, be patient.

It is worthwhile.

Keep well and shoot straight!


I find it amusing that the point of 3d printing for many is that is decentralizes designing and manufacturing. the files can be designed anywhere and printed anywhere.
So Iím amused by relying on the postal system.
Of course itís the same for buying filament.
The guy who designs and prints and sells the carm magazines is of course free to market his stuff however he wants.


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