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Akela single shot tray

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Greetings to the group,

I received my Benjamin Akela a few weeks ago, and absolutely love it. Itís my first pcp, and the most powerfully accurate ag I own. For occasional pesting however, I have been wanting a single shot tray since I only use a pellet or two at a time. Scoured the interwebs, but couldnít find one specific to the Akela.

Sometimes I forget this is 2020, and some parts can be magically produced from the comfort of your computer chair. Warmed up the 3D printer, loaded up the CAD software, and designed a simple, friction fit, single shot tray for the Akela. Nothing fancy, but very functional, and from mind to physical part in under an hour. What a time to be alive.  :D

Wonít allow me to post the link, but itís on thingiversedotcom if anyone wants to print it.

thing: 4619712

Coolio, thanks! 8) 8) 8)

Very nice. Could I pay you to print me one? Thanks!!

Very nice thanks for sharing.

JMJ in NC:
LegendPilot. It must have been your file I downloaded; I modified your STL to make a SST for my new .177 Akela.

Thanks. JMJinNC


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