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3D printing tips and trick.

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I want to compile any tips and trick everyone has to to share and help others with their 3D printing endeavors. I have wasted many a spool of filament learning on my own I am a trial by fire kind of guy and in doing so I have been able to learn a lot and then be able to help others more readily.

My first tip is more of a bandaid one and that is on a glass print bed if your print is not fully sticking use a Elermrs brand purple glue stick a even coat really can help a lot with it pulling up on one side.

My second tip is buy some feeler blades to assist you in leveling your print bed. I use a .002"/.051mm feeler blade I have found that the thinnest one is too thin to get a good feel. Also IMO if its thinner than your layer height I have found it to be good enough for most prints I do.

3rd I have found that a good retraction and Z hop reduces a lot of stringing. I retract 6mm and Z hop 2mm it isnt perfect but my string has all be went away.

I have found with my two preferred brands of filaments and across ABS, PLA and PETG that the hotter the better. I get better layer adhesion and resolution. That is at .2mm to .8mm layers.

ABS loves heat and dose best in a contained environment so a enclosure with no vents works great. ABS also stinks and some think it to be bad for your health to breathe the fumes. I don't know about that but I do know it dose stink. ABS is just like a lego brick its strong and durable.

PLA is the easiest to learn on it is very forgiving and generally cheaper than other filaments. It is not durable and doesn't like direct sunlight and isnt as durable as ABS.

PETG is as I can describe it a hybrid of ABS and PLA and that it is durable doesn't care about direct sunlight dose not stink and is some what forgiving on your settings. The most trouble with PETG I have had was stringing and retraction and Z hop greatly reduced that.

Cleanliness is next to 3D printing-ness you have to keep your nozzle and print bed clean. I have lost quite a few prints because I got lazy and didn't wipe off my print bed.

I used to have problem with adhesion on the bed.  What works for me now is to use the painters blue tape. I use 2" blue tape and cover the printing area of the bed. I then scuff it up with sandpaper.

I used glue sticks, blue painters tape and now my print bed (glass) is covered with polyimide tape otherwise known as Kapton. I then use regular unscented hair spray for excellent adhesion. I never have adhesion problems now but I mainly print with various petg formulations. A favorite is CF in PETG!

 I like to change my nozzle often and I also wash my plastic off before i use it. Another thing I do Is I put a foam pad under my printer to absorbe the vibrations.When plastic gets brittle I soak it in near boiling water to sofen it up then let it cool to room temp this has saved me many spools. 

Any time you switch brands or types of filament, take the time to do calibration prints before you try printing anything useful. These really help you dial in the settings to get the best finish and strength possible.


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