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Fatty Print


We need someone with good cad skills to come up with the forearm that they used on the backpacker

One option:

Wish I could help but my CAD skills are crude. If you find one I would be glad to print one for you.

We need someone with a 3d scanner to copy one my cad skills are very limited also

I have been wanting a 3D scanner but for me to justify it I would have to be able to put it to work to pay for it in the end and that has to happen in short order. I have shied away from them as mostly my 3D printer would have to make up for it and I really dont make that much off of 3D printing in a year. I do my best to give a fair deal. If I can garner enough interest I will buy one because that is what this is all about furthering 3d printing for airgun use.


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