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***ATI NOVA LIBERTY Modification DANGER do not drill TP Wheel***


AVS Stephen:
Hello All,

I'm starting to hear more and more that modifying the ATI Nova Liberty transfer port (power adjuster) wheel by drilling to 3/16" is VERY DANGEROUS. The transfer port wheel (power adjuster) can break apart and possible be very dangerous to anyone standing to the side of the gun or if you have your hand near the TP power adjust wheel when it blows apart. Once drilled to 3/16" there is not enough aluminum material and the integrity is lost.

Thank you and be safe!

Thanks Stephen,

Perhaps it would be a good idea to post up some of those pics into this thread (?)
 The pics I saw really drove home the point that this is a weak point and quite potentially dangerous.

The "low power" port, crossdrilled across the enlarged high power port. I bored mine with no negative consequences, yet.
I'm currently making a couple of 7075t6 single power parts with an enlarged bore that I feel confident in.


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