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Backyard Airgunner:
I did a quick search and didn't see this posted anywhere.  Not sure where to post it,  so admins, please feel free to move it wherever you think it belongs.

As we all know some time ago, Photobucket made all of their pictures disappear from forums. That means that here, many of the pictures in the archives were lost, as well as people's avatars, signature pics, etc. Well, there is an easy way to fix that. You download a simple little extension, and like magic, they come back. You must be using either Firefox or Chrome browser, not sure about a fix for IE, but if your still using IE its time to move on. lol.

For Firefox users: Go that link, and click Add to Firefox. Then Add. Then OK. All done.

For Chrome Users: Go that link, and click Add to Chrome. Then click Add Extension. All done.

For Phones: (Android based, don't know if it works on Iphones or not??) Go to Playstore and download Firefox browser. Open the browser, and go to this link. Click add to Firefox, then yes or ok. THEN, if it's still not loading the test picture on this post... on the browser, go Settings then Clear Private Data, all the boxes should be checked, then click clear and that SHOULD do it. [/quote]

I have used it on firefox and it works for me.  Hope it helps you.

Some of the reviews on the chrome webstore for the add-on have exposed a security and privacy issue.

The one in the chrome store
 "Photobucket Embedded Image Fix
offered by Jesse Evers"

Seems to be much better (sorry, I can't post external links yet)


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