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I just got mine last week and must say it is a great product.The finish actually matches the shroud better than my old one and everything fit perfectly.The install went very good maybe a couple hours and the weight of the rifle now is so much better. I really learn a lot from watching these instructional videos. Thanks

Thanks for finding the new home for the vid Haj. I ordered the tube last week and should be receiving shortly. I will watch the vid again before I begin the rebuild.

Hey Haj..
Basically posting to bring the thread back to the top. I'm installing my JSAR tube w/gauge hole this morning and I want to refer to your video as I go if I need to. I've watched the video a couple times and it really does give me confidence that the install will go smoothly.
Thanks again for making this video. It's by far one of the best made tutorial videos I've watched for any air gun upgrade.

trying to watch at low volume in bed but can't find if you mentioned shot string and or velocity potential with the reg/tube - anyone?

Great Video. Does the same comply for the .25 cal? Also I noticed this video is a couple of years old and I purchased my Marauder November of 2019, do you know if there have been any changes that would prevent me from using this information to upgrade my Marauder?


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