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This isn't a request for help, it's an offer.  If you wish to see pictures from Photobucket, load a copy of Google Chrome.  (I don't care if you like it, it's the only way I know.)  Your pictures are still secure, they're just in a different format.  To read this format you must then patch Google Chrome with: you trust Photobucket not to change the format after they figure out people have a workaround?  I didn't.  It turns out you can print the files and pictures if you wish.  I didn't want to have to track what I did with these printed copies.

You can download a free copy of pdf995 from  When installed it creates a logical printer named pdf995.  If you print your copy with this "printer" it will ask where you want to save the file.  It turns the document into a pdf file.  It works well anytime you wish to save a document.

Excellent Thomas, works like a champ. Great find!!!!
Thanks for sharing that!!!!
Might be sticky worthy. Whatcha think Liz?

Definitely stickie worthy. :D

Hey folks--does this allow us to post pics from the old free Photobucket account? Sorry if it's a dumb question (from an old computer-illiterate guy).

This workaround was only a means to see previously posted pictures.  If you wish to post pictures I suggest you abandon Photobucket.

They changed format on old pictures and are holding them "hostage" until the owners pay money to subscribe to the service.  Unless you feel like spending money try Imgur or one of the other free services.


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