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Extreme Long Range - 212 yards is a good start

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bubba zanetti:
Uncle Devo, are you wanting membership into the HUAH club? 8)


Sure! I'm pretty sure I qualify, but doubt I will be using the NUAH targets much. Thanks!

Shots at the silhouette range in Boulder City Yesterday. It was really windy, but that's common here. All of the rounds were 257420 from the Arsenal Mold. I tried really hard to hit a clay pigeon at 335. All around it, covered it in dust, flipped it over, slid it down the berm, right above, right below, and inch left, and inch right...but dag nabbit, not a single shot on it. In hindsight I should have gone to a heavier round because of the wind, but hindsight is always 2020 vision.


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