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No Harry I have several GTA hats from over the time Dez has been selling them, Even before that when Bob had a guy set up where we were buying them. I gots GTA hats all over da place...:)
And I want two more:
1 ea. - 2141
1ea. - i2080

Okay folks, new caps JUST arrived in my office. And they look NICE!!!! Better than I expected. I was a bit nervous since my vendor just switched companies. These all have velcro adjustments, not the cheap plastic ones. And they will fit us melon heads too. LOL
I call mine a Rottweiler head and these fit nice and have plenty of room left for adjustment.
I'll try to keep an up to date running total but please send me a pm requesting order information. You will need to post a "gift" PayPal payment of $18 for each to my PayPal account. Outside the US will be more shipping costs also.
I'll give you instructions in a pm.
Get 'em while you can!!!

FLG-300M - 3 each
i2080 - 6 each
2144 - 5 each
2141 - 8 each
515PC - 9 each
2127 - 5 each

Ok I got my new GTA Hats this week. Both fit my pumkin head great. Even momma wants one...:) Anyone who has sunshine in there state and shoots bb guns it is a must to get at least on GTA hat to shade ur eyes. These are excellent quality hats.  I can't find any hats as well made and thata are big enough for my head anywhere around me.
Thanks for the great selection Dez.
Love my hats

Be sure to beat the rush and get your noggin' covers ordered!!!!

i will take another one
a i2080



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