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.22 Marauder 32 mm OD x 140 mm LDCs - Direct shroud mount; and 1/2-20

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GTA member jolofree asked about a muffler for his Marauder:

I made some suggestions, and what panned out was this:  A 32 mm OD x 140 mm long 3D printable LDC in two versions.  One version has a 13/16-28 male thread, and is intended to replace the stock Marauder shroud front endcap.   The other version is identical in all aspects, except that it has a 1/2-20 female thread.

The latter version would require a thread adaptor to replace the stock front shroud endcap; such as this one:

After thinking about what jolofree had asked about keeping his stock Marauder baffles, I decided to design only an external add-on.  At first my thinking was that integrating the internal shroud baffles into the external muffler would better align the parts.  But keeping them separate would keep the platform closer to stock.

Using the DonnyFL adaptor might be the more robust option with respect to the thread, but the direct mount might be the cheaper option.  I might even suggest getting both.

Both STL print files are attached in the same zip file, below.  The parts need to be positioned with their threads uppermost on the printer platen, to print the cones inside correctly.  Anyone is welcome to print these parts for themselves or anyone else.  I have confidence that the 1/2-20 thread will be usable directly off the printer; but the 13/16-28 thread may require some iterations to get it just right.

If you are unable to print these parts for yourself, and don't know anyone that can print them for you, I can recommend someone.

In case you want to print just the 13/16-28 male thread to prove it good first, here is just that aspect as a part STL:

Yes Sir, These designs look great. The size is perfect.
I have ordered the adapter from Donnyfy, the threads on it are 1/2"-20 so I will need the design with the female threads to match that.
Could you please advise how to best contact Bob or Mike to get this done?
Also I was advised by a member on Air Gun Nation to look into installing t 'Depinger' in the Marauder.
I'm not sure exactly what that is, where to obtain one, and how to install it.
Do you think that would make the Marauder have a quieter shot signature?
Thanks, I really appreciate all your help with this.  j


The 1/2-20 adapter is more versatile for any future bits you might want to try.  So, good choice.

You can PM Bob and Mike here:

A depinger goes into the airtube, so to install it you must depressurize the airtube first.  Failure to do that is likely to throw the front cap of the airtube (the one with the foster fill fitting on it) forcefully enough to cause damage or injury.

Depingers come in many forms.  Some are a partition in the airtube with a small hole in it.  This is a flow restrictor placed about midway in the airtube to damp pressure waves that bounce in the airtube on the shot.  Others are an actual bottle brush that does the same thing.  Installation instructions are included with the depingers that are sold. 

Depending on when your Marauder was made, it may have Crosman's version of a depinger.  Anyway, what they are, how they work, and how to install them is covered by many threads and posts.  This google search string points to such posts on GTA:

And yes, if your Marauder does not have a good depinger, it will be making a loud pinging sound on every shot.  That is, if it is a stock unregulated version.  Marauders were available with regulators from Crosman to keep the velocity more constant over so many shots, but at a lower power level than the unregulated ones.  There, the regulator acted as a depinger, but if yours lacks a regulator, then a depinger will help reduce the noise.


You had a question about the "front barrel mount drilling" on AGN.  Drilling it out to flow more air tells me that the person suggesting that modification was referring to the air stripper/diverter; that is pressed onto the muzzle end of the barrel.  This part:

Here is a discussion about drilling out the vents on the Marauder air stripper - although I think one does not need to go quite that large on the holes:


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