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Just finished up a full Reworking & Restocking of the TX-200 MkIII

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Frank in Fairfield:
I guess not Scott.
The fellow in Elk Grove said you were very busy for awhile.
That is all I know.
I did not want to bother you.

Very nice, Scott.


--- Quote from: Motorhead on September 15, 2023, 05:55:18 PM ---Most of the tuning work done long ago with a recent bump down to just sub 12 fpe.  Rebuilt the cocking arm detente mechanism eliminating the heavy spring loaded ball going to rare earth magnets ( No more barrel deflection  :D ) Fitted an Over Size handle w/ grip tape for easy peezy unlocking and stowing of cocking arm.
Having recently received an LP stock from Poland, and prepping it for paint ( Rustoleum multi-colorTextured ) was able to get the final assembly done today.

A Very unique look no doubt & feel it is pretty cool and personal.  The Texture actually feels really nice not being slippery, cold or hot to the touch. Should fair well out in the elements during 3-4 hours long FT competitions    8) 
--- End quote ---

Yeah Scott,
It's refreshing to see someone who's following their bliss in retirement ;).
I know you're not retired in a sense, but your doing exactly what you want to do ... like a 15 YO kid (w/skills) ;D.

It seems no matter what you're working on (ie. PCP's/Springers) it's all about minimizing recoil/vibration/mechanical deficiencies to achieve precision.
I re-semble your passion for engineering work 8), but lack the patience for the subtlety of shooting on the margin :P.

Very nice what does it weigh if you don't mind? Steve!

Very nice work Scott!!!


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