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Doug Wall,
 Hey thats cool. I havent seen a SP500 in .22 yet despite having looked for awhile. On the subject of SP500 trigger, i have adjusted my trigger to add travel. It takes 2 or 3 shots for the trigger to "wake up" inwhich the first 2 or 3 shots have short travel. The following shots have the soft yet present stop in the trigger travel.
 When i am in the roll, at 15 yards i get 2/3 to 3/4 shots to hit on water filled soda cans. When im not in the roll it can be 1/2 that hit and 1/2 that dont hit. 10 yards for the most part will be 10/10 hits on Cans.

 I have read much on the HMod25SC. Very intrigueing, though i do not own one yet. I would like to get one in Spring Piston and in either caliber.
 Yesterday i worked on McGyvering a rearsight for my Ux Trevox.  I took the rear sight blade from a B1022, drilled a hole for the holding screw into the original rearsight base then drilled a hole to access the elevation screw, but yesterday i ranout of shooting light to get it sight in to see if itl work. As it is i dont like using a red dot sight much, each and every movement you make is shown and magnified, compared to open sights where your eyesight can compensate for some movement.
 Later if the rain lets up ill be able to test if the McGyver Sight will work.
 Thankyou for your reply,
ExcellentWork StayAlert


SP500 .177

   With around 700+ shots in. This test was on low costing pellets that have varying fit and are fit for plinking in most Airguns.  CPHP 7.9gr can be very good when the fit is right.
  After the ChronoRun i shot at some cans at 15 and 20 yards using some of the pellets tested, Sightin is still set for EHD 7.9gr +"@ 10 yards.

DaisyFlat Nose < DFN 7.6gr
 Varying, Snug to tight
1. 352
2. 350
3. 348
4. 355
5. 343
6. 352
7. 351
8. 341
9. 363
10. 346

 Spread< 20 FPS
  Avg 350 FPS
 2.1 FPE
DaisyPointed < DPT 7.6gr
 Varying Fit, Snug to Tight
1. 355
2. 354
3. 338
4. 358
5. 355
6. 354
7. 351
8. 352
9. 372
10. 361

 Spread< 34 FPS
  Avg 355 FPS
2.1 FPE
GamoMatch< GM 7.6gr
 Light to snug fit
1. 345
2. 353
3. 372
4. 350
5. 352.
6. 352
7. 356
8. 353
9. 368
10. 364
 Spread< 27 FPS
  Avg 357 FPS
 2.2 FPE
CPHP 8.0gr
 Good to snug fit
1. 326
2. 345
3. 325
4. 328
5. 324
6. 339
7. 330
8. 339
9. 331
10. 335

 Spread< 19 FPS
  Avg  332 FPS
 1.9 FPE
Cleaned the barrel to retest
EHD 7.9gr
Consistent good fit
1. 418
2. 423
3. 420
4. 411
5. 409
6. 400
7. 412
8. 408
9. 416
10. 400

 Spread < 23 FPS
 Avg 412 FPS
 3.0 FPE


wait, you got an increase of 70 fps by cleaning the barrel?


 In the beginning of this thread, the first post shows an average of 413 FPS using Excite Hammer Dome 7.9gr.  Another retest Avg of 409 FPS. The 3rd retest of EHD 7.9 Avg 412 FPS. EHD 7.9gr have a consistent fit, not snug nor loose and have a good low variation in weight.
 The pellets in the 2nd Chrono run were on pellets that seemed to perform good in accuracy and fit. The Pellets in this 3rd Chrono Run of the SP500 are on Low Cost Pellets, pellets that vary in fit and weight causing higher FPS Spread. This makes them good for Cans, not great for hunting or seeking dimes on paper. I am refering to DFN, DPT and GM 7.6gr.
 CPHP can be very good in some barrels.
The 4 tested pellets were for the most part snug fitting causing lower FPS/ FPE.
 Tiny powerplants like the SP500 show that pellet fit is very important in breakbarrel use, the small powerplant magnifies the lower performance <FPS/FPE> of loose or tight fitting pellets.

also know that you can use a ball bearing to pre flare the skirt of a pellet, effectively making them more consistent. so much so in pellets with a kigh concentration of antimony, like the crosman pellets. Daisy pellets are the opposite, very much like the RWS or JSB pellets. Skirts are softer and therefore the flaring happens when the balst of air "fits "the skirt. Crosman uses a harder mix of lead to avoid skirt or pellet damage before we get them open.


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