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Viridian weapon technologies optics


bear air:
So last night I searched the sales at optics planet and found viridian scopes to be liquidated. Like a 3x132x42 scope normally priced at $300 set at $99. Does anyone own one of these scopes? I'm about to hit the buy now button but would like to hear some feedback if there's any to be had. TIA

Captain Paul:
Thanks for the tip.  They look very good for the price, but the reviews are all over the place.  The only video reviews I found were basically paid advertisements. 

I paid $60 to try their base model when they first came out a couple years ago.  It was OK.  A lot of optical ringing on the outside of the image, and not just the edges.  Everything else seemed OK, but it was "just a scope".
That's just their cheapie though.  No idea how the better lines are. 

FYI - I strongly doubt they would last on a springer.

bear air:
No springers left here. Well one, it's my wife's and its already scoped and she hasn't shot it for years.


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