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Designed and printed a slimmer version of an LDC.  Designed it to fit inside of a CF tube with OD 25mm, and ID 22mm.  Based it on @subscriber 's Notos design.  It is 6.5" long with a 1/2-20 thread.  I need to test this thing - definitely for a low power AG, I designed it for a 2240.  Still need to make the adapter to fit on my 2240 - I'll machine the adapter out of steel in the next couple of days.  Printed in black PETG, which photographs terribly.  First check showed a 1/4" rod didn't go through, which is kind of expected with 3d printing.  A quick pass of a 1/4" reamer fixed that.  Used a 1/2-20 tap to clean up the threads.  And miraculously, the insert is a nice snug, almost difficult fit in the carbon fiber tube.  I'll get some pics in the morning.  For the test fire, I won't use the sleeve.  I've never tried this before, so I'm expecting some sort of mayhem.

Here's a picture of the CF tube, the LDC, that I mentioned in the previous post, along with an adapter I made this afternoon.  The adapter is made of 1144 (Stressproof) steel, because, well that is what I had in that size.  Not complaining, it machines very well.  The threads fit the LDC.  The adapter just barely slides on to the 2240 barrel.  Very nice fit.  I need to add a set screw to the adapter, so it won't blow/fall off.  The set screw will engage the flat of the barrel. 

Think the next adapter will be from a larger diameter rod, so the LDC has a larger area to seat against.  Live and learn.

Here it is mounted on the 2240.  Need some CO2 cartridges to try this out.

Edit: just ordered some.  They will be ready for pickup tomorrow.

Nifty, Bruce

Is the bore .25 for a .22 pellet?  Seems tight enough that slight misalignment may cause a "prang".  If that happens you can make another version.

It has a .25 cal bore, at least after I passed a 0.2500" reamer through it.  As printed, it was not quite 0.25 cal, a 0.250 rod wouldn't go through it. I have to check to see if I have any larger size reamers.  Bought a lot of reamers a while back,  maybe I have something slightly wider. 

Depends on how "brave" I am today.  Might try it out on my 1377 first, have a little more margin for error for clipping and I can adjust the number of pumps.


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