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Javi - Not Responding after Payment

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Hello All.  As a new member here, I wish that my first post with the community would be under better circumstances.  While entertaining the idea of dabbling with PCP air pistols and looking for a new project, I came across the following listing for an Artemis PP750 by Javi in the Members Classifieds:

I contacted Javi via email and he was responsive to inquiries regarding the condition of the items, negotiated price, shipping, and payment methods.  We agreed to go ahead with the transaction and funds were sent.  It has been seven days since our last communications and after multiple attempts, I have not received a response requesting tracking information or when he intends to ship the items.

I suspect that something may be amiss with this transaction; shipping from a neighboring zip code would typically not take too long.  After digging further, I found a similar classified in AGN, as well as negative seller feedback with that user listed in their "Known SCAMMER, Pending, or Bad Transaction List".

I will continue to wait a few more days to give him the benefit of the doubt.  If anything changes and the items show up, I will apologize and remove/modify this post.  Otherwise, relevant financial institutions and agencies may need to be contacted.

I hope this helps others.

I believe another member here purchased this airgun and sent Javi funds as well as a shipping label. He then failed to communicate with them which was reported to us. I then attempted to communicate with Javi which he has ignored. The airgun package DID arrive at the other members residence.  I would suggest you try to recall your funds. I have since removed his classified ads and will not allow his further use of our classifieds. Sorry for the issues, this is very unusual for GTA Forums!!!

SAFE & Happy Shooting!!!!

bear air:
Sorry to hear this. Hopefully you get it sorted out. I have always had very good luck buying and selling anything from GTA members. There are some amazing people around here and agn.

Thank you ezman604 for the additional information and attempted communications and bear air for the words of encouragement.  When did that other transaction take place? Recently?

After another non-response, I have notified relevant financial institutions regarding my transaction with Javi and my accounts have been noted for if and when I wish to proceed with recalling funds.  I prefer that this was a smoother, straight-forward sale, and I will be patient for a little longer for Javi to respond, before moving forward.

Again, thank you and the rest of the GTA community.

This took place a few days ago. I didn't realize it was the same ad until you reported it. Definitely not a way to conduct proper transactions!!!


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