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Talking to Manny about coming back to GTA!
Yeah I'm that idiot that just thinks things should go back to what GTA was once.
Manny is one of those that inspired many of us here.
His Hunting? EPIC! Kind of an honest speaker that ruffled feathers? EPIC!
Kind of an Arse at times? Well. So am I!
Manny is about one of the only Guys I want to meet yet! And I've met some of the best Arse holes in Air Gunning over the years!

Thanks for doing this.

I refer to my hand pumping of all my PCP rifles as MANNY STYLE. His hunting posts inspired me and the memory still does. Can't speak to the rest, wasn't on my radar.

Tryingvto get as much as possible out of this .177 avenger, which also reminds me of privateer's red wolf at the fun shoot. As an aside, the Akela is coming together as a 100 yarder too, but not yet NUAH club. Don't get to shoot at a long enough range often enough, but itks getting there the little that I do get to.  Maybethis weekend when I'm out for turkey with my buddy with the 100 yd range east side of the state.

I would be glad to see him back too  :)

I look forward to his return.


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