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Off Season 10M Casual Match #9 Year 22/23

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Wow !! I would be inclined to frame some of these targets and hang them in my mancave.


--- Quote from: KB7PYF on March 26, 2023, 09:28:37 PM ---Rifle:  Air Arms S510
.  PCP Class
.  Shot @ 10M
.  Rested F/R
.  Scope:  Hawke @12 power
.  Pellet: .177 RWS R10 Match 8.2 gr
.  Shot at lowest power setting (UNK FPS)
.  Score: 200 / 17X

Shoot well and enjoy!!   //Charlie

--- End quote ---

Those are some nice clean holes with the R10s. I may need to get myself some. Nice shooting!


False alarm on the compressor, AFTER I tore it apart and reassembled it. Turned out it was an oring on the filter. :-\

Here is my card for this week:

Rifle:  JTS Airacuda MAX
.  Firewalker
.  PCP Class
.  Shot @ 10M
.  Rested F/R
.  Scope:  Alpha 6 4x27x50
.  Pellet: CPHP .22
.  850 fps
.  Score: 200/200/13X

Hoosier Daddy:
Nice job all!
 I shot one but didn't get it submitted on time.

I'll get match 10 going tonight.

Thanks Marty, I kinda cheat. I am using cheap card stock from Walmart and then use practice targets as a back so they're stiffer which usually turns out a nice crisp cut. You sir shot a nice card.

I need to get my tx200 going. I got it apart can't get it back together. I've bought two springs kits to change out and lower the foot pounds of energy and now I can't get it back together. I don't want to, but I think it will have to send it off.


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