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Thanks Jay
It will be nice to know how mine will compare to yours. Steve!

My TX200 prefers the Air Arms Diabolo Field 8.4gr. 4.52 dia. pellets.  It also likes JSB Exacts and JSB Exact RS.  I sure do love that rifle.

With a new TX, these are the things I would do.
1. Take the action off and harden all the wood around the stock screw areas with CA glue.
2. check the aluminum bracket that holds the front stock screws. If it's tight, You have a choice of either cleaning it and securing it now or later. Me, I would do it now even if it's tight. Clean all the threads, locktite the bracket screw. I put a bit of epoxy on the bottom of the bracket for added insurance.
3. clean your barrel.
4. Shoot the gun and adjust the trigger. If it's too twangy or buzzy for you but accurate, I would leave it alone. But if the twang and buzz bothers you, look at aftermarket spring guides and top hats with a tighter fit (or make one yourself). 
5. If it's not dieseling, no need to tear into the spring. if dieseling, you might need to remove excess lube from the internals (compression tube, piston seal, spring, spring guide) and re-lube very very lightly.

good luck and have fun. It's an easy gun to work on.

AA diabolo heavy 10.3, shot the best before and after the tune.   

Frank in Fairfield:
When I bought my TX in 2013, one of the major tuners here (I shoot with him), motorhead, suggested 4.52mm 8.64gr AA pellets.
JSB is the same thing.
I shoot the 8.64 and nothing else.
Scott put a DELRIN spring guide in the TX but when I rebuilt the gun (after 10 years and 50,000 pellets) I found I need a new spring guide.
Hopefully, Scott will accommodate me when he gets caught up with his work.
The walnut version is 10+ pounds (I couldn’t shoot it for 10 days after my cataract surgery and 30 days after my UROLIFT) with a scope and I am not sure how much the birch version will weigh.
You may want to order a spare (maybe two) cocking shoe.
They are the Achilles Heel of the TX200 and ProSport.
England is where I would get them.
Ace Hardware has spare stock screws if you ever need new ones.
I hear the TX200 is one of the few springers that shoot very well from the bench and you will enjoy it very much..
One other thing (which should get a few responses).
If you are buying your rifle from Pyramid Air, they are probably giving you a lifetime warranty.
Be careful doing any modifications that may void that warranty, if that concerns you.


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