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Launching a DualProjectile

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As a young boy with Pumpmasters, Powerlines, P13xx and BBs, shooting 2, 3, or 4 bbs at a time was done by many of us. Fast forward years and years later, with a 1377 and a DP880 and a C760 and pellets.
Without an LDC,10 pumps, load a Domed or Pointed pellet followed by a Wadcutter or Destroyer. Those Cans get whacked abit harder being hit by 2 pellets at once while staying withing an inch of each other at 10yds. The first pellet loaded can be any shape that you choose. Though i keep the rear as a Wadcutter as the shape will push on the skirt of the 1st pellet. . Cost twice as much with each shot, but fun. Have only tried it in these lower powered airguns. I have a C362  XP though i havent considered trying a dual load in it. <i have HN Terminators that would be great as a pushing 2nd pellet. Though with an LDC on i wouldnt want to try, but hey each dualpellshot  tracks straight without any wandering flyers.

Not long ago I took a #2 steel shot plugged into the rear of a .22 pointed Daisy< these have a skirt hole that runs deeeep upto where the head begins, abit too deep for the C362 bolt probe. I put together 10 and went out to shoot a group. The 2part pellets group alot better than the regular pointed pellets. Average weight is 15.5 -15.6gr, adding the #2 steel brings the weight to 18.6-18.7gr.

HN .25 BH. Again with the #2steelshot. I had a thought that super glueing a #2 to the Hollow Point of the BH would increase its bc and give me better flight on 30 -40yd shots. I assembled a few and took them with me on a boat ride down river. These pellets hit 3" high at 20 yards ! ! ! I didnt make anymore after that. I should have made more to findout how far the pellets would be hitting right on. 45 50 yards maybe would be thier zero point. Had my H125 sighted in to hit 14yds and again at 35yards with 1" high around 25yards.
Ok enough from me. Im just trying to get to 20 posts XD.

Just the other day I was shooting doubles and they were making oval holes at 10 yards but I was using crossman hollow points.

I've been shooting double loads from my co2 six shooter pistol for a couple of years.  I quickly learned to put a wad cutter after a domed pellet. It worked surprisingly well.
I thought that I was the only one.


Hey thankyou FreezyPellets n HunterWhite. With a Crosman 760, Crosman 1377< stock parts> and an DP880 i have shot double pellet loads. Each shot at 10 yards land inside a 2" circle, usually each shot having 1 pellet hit above the other. 5 shots<10pellets> made a 1.5" group. Have only tried it on paper and cans. I Wouldnt attempt any doublepellshots past 15yds on any Pest or bird whathaveyou. But man at 10 yards those 2 pells seem to hit hard, even knocking over a dirt filled can. Usually the cans dont fall from 10 pumps and a single pellet.

I have quite a collection of 1322ís and I use a wad cutter in .22 and chamber it. Then I get a few .177 domed pellets and put them down the barrel. Got me self a scatter gun. Iíve got a few snakes and pesky rodents that way.

Iíve noticed no damages to the barrel and it shoots perfectly when using as intended.


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