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Pyramyd Air - Sub MOA challenge!

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In the office, we often argue how much of a result in any competition is luck, how much is due to equipment and how much is about the shooter (if you ask Val - it's always about the shooter).

You can get the free Sub MOA card (just pay shipping) or you can earn $5 immediately in bullseye bucks just by playing virtually:

Are you a Pro, Elite, or a Legend?

Yes, that's the contention - if you can do 5 groups and each SubMOA, then you are a Legend.

 I ordered the sub-moa card and figured I might as well order a new target stand to use along with it since I would have to pay shipping anyways. Lol.
 It'll be fun to try whether it's on Pyramid Airs challenge or just on here for fun.

Of course you did! Sorry about enabling.

 It's not enabling if it's something you enjoy. I appreciate fun stuff. 1/4 inch at .25 will be a tough one considering .22 and .25 being right there. Hole in hole. Tough, but it will be fun trying.

Hoosier Daddy:
Thanks for the 500 Bullseye bucks!!


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