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Artemis M11 MK2 .177 NSA 12.5 gr. CP Slugs

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 Received my new Artemis M11 MK2 .177  I recently ordered from Shipping was fast, no damage, had a 12.5 bar fill.
 Got to open the box this am. and got to shoot it this afternoon. First pellet I tried was 10.3 gr. Air arms. shot over the crony , 885 - 890 fps.
 Took it outside to finish scope sight in, the scope is a REX 6-24 x 50 with bubble level, side focus, shots were at 6x and was rested in a cheap adjustable rest I have had for years.

 Here is the 30 yard sight in and 12 or so shot group the 2 stickers were from sight in, with 10.3 gr. Air Arms pellets.

 Took it to 50 and decided to switch to NSA 12.5 gr. CP slugs, since the guns settings would not be enough to send a heavier slug as fast as I would like, I did not crony the slugs as of yet, but assume they may be going around 780 fps give or take  ??? I will get some crony numbers on them yet tonight.
 Funny thing was they had almost the exact same POI as the AA pellets at 30 and 50 yards. Here are my first 2 sighters when I switched to slugs @ 50y.

Nice! Good shooting too.

 Here are 2 5 shot groups with NSA slugs, right target was holding dead on, the left target was holding off for wind and elevation.


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