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3D Printed Airforce TalonP Moderator


The intent behind this build is to maintain the silent nature of my carbine pcp while reducing the OAL of the rifle. My TalonP has been modified to be portable enough to fit inside of a backpack and a 9" moderator from Tony at TT at the business end of the rifle guaranteed the portability I was looking for. The moderator is amazing, but it's too long to maneuver obstacles effectively and looks too much like a "silencer". Nothing wrong with it, just might turn of my neighbors if they say how firearm-like my TalonP looks with TT mod.

After several years, I've decided to design a moderator that would meet my new criteria for a portable rifle, and as discussed before, silence and discretion is the ultimate goal of this build. I am not an engineer, or a product designer. Not even close. However, I do own a 3D printed and my Fusion360 skills are good enough to attempt this built.

With these basic criteria, I was able to design a proof of concept, and two subsequent test moderators for testing effectiveness of sound moderation and impact/heat resistance. I only mention heat because I live in Phoenix, Arizona. And as of the writing of this article, the temp is 110 degrees F.

Here is the actual printed moderator

That looks pretty cool!!  Have you tested it yet?

For being my very first moderator design, yes it is very effective. In relation to the TT 9" moderator, I suspect the 3D printed moderator is slightly louder than the TT mod. With just a few tweaks, I believe the sound could be moderated further and the overall length can be reduced by another inch.

I'm saving up for a decibel meter so that I can more accurately asses the decibel output from each of the moderators.

Volume is key to reduce noise. Thanks for sharing hope you can get it figured out and make it better than the TT mod.


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