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Gauntlet barrel band with picatinny rail

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I have the file kinda together. first created in sketchup. then exported to .stl. but when i open it in Cura it way small and i cant figure out how to measure it to bring it back into spec. And would like to pay someone to print it for me.
BY my measurements:
the bottle is 2.003" in diameter
my shroud is .869"
there is a gap of .429" between the barrel shroud bottom and the top edge of my bottle.
the part should be 3" long at its longest point. and the small shroud hole should be 7/8" long.
Hoping to get the thickness at 1/4"

Interesting, your file was miniature in Cura but when I opened/saved it in Windows 3d builder and then opened it in Cura, it looks the right size. Overall dimensions 62.6729, 76.5832, 98.0762 mm.

Still not sure if it sized properly though. I had scaled it up to those dimensions in cura  maintaining the other axises  but it may be oversized since it was scaled from smaller. Need to figure out how to get it from sketchup where it's properly sized, to a 3d printable file I can get printed.

ok i think i got the measurements fixed. Can some one verify that the large part of the band has 51mm diameter?

Hopefully someone more experienced chimes in. I get 51.087 between furthest vertices, but I'm not that good at measuring stl files. When I print for a snug fit on a barrel, I always print the first few millimetres, do a fit check, and nudge accordingly.


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