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First thing I noticed when I unboxed the new 135X was how cheap and hollow the stock felt. They have evidently changed the type of material they were using.
The cocking effort was high and the cycle rough.
The trigger was horrible and my trigger finger was sore after about a dozen shots.
Even with the adjustable cheek riser, I could not get a proper sight alignment, not comfortably anyway.
It kicked hard. And yep, was loud.
I WILL crack this one open as soon as I get the proper time. But I have several needing bench time and my real job is keeping me VERY busy with limited "fun" time.

1.  I would also mention that Quality control needs to be addressed.  Reading through this thread, I wasn't the only one who had to bend the barrel a bit to be able to use a scope.

2.  The stock is pretty cheesy.  It feels great to shoulder, but my kid's daisy 880 feels more substantial (I believe the black stock different, and is the only one that actually has the soft-touch coating on it).

3.  Yes, it's a harsh cycle, which the cheap plastic stock seems to amplify.  I'm going to pull mine apart and tar the spring, to see if it helps.

I'm lucky that I didn't give much for it, or I'd have been really upset.  I'm actually really happy for what I paid.

The below evaluation was asked for by Sem GURAY Head of Global Sales Retay Arms in August 2016

I tested the 135X .22 in Red and found it to be a very nice looking appealing to the eye rifle. The gun that was shipped through Amazon Has a serial # 15-101298. I mounted a High Quality Bushnell Custom Scope first 2 shots were consistent but hit the target approx. 11 inches low from point of aim. I adjusted the scope 80 clicks which was the maximum adjustment of the scope and still was low impact to point of aim. The trigger is very rough and a very long pull tried to adjust but not really much difference. Loading a pellet in the just pellet is not tight in receiver and will fall out if the barrel is not pointed down when bringing the barrel back up into locking position. The recoil of the gun is very harsh almost violent and will destroy most lower quality scopes this absolutely needs to be changed as the gun is not friendly to shoot. The rubber coating is very weak and rubbed off in the handle area only after 10 shots. I am returning the gun back to the supplier as it is not fun at all to shoot and the accuracy is not at all good not matter with scope or open sights even shooting from a solid rest. After I removed the scope to return the gun I noticed that the rear mount was actually gouged from the violent force of the recoil. I have other guns Hatsans with the same scopes and mounts and I can assure you this gun is not smooth for operation. I paid $113.00 US dollars for this gun the original price was $249.00 which is a perfect price point for good quality gun that would appeal to a very large market here in the US. I just ordered another replacement today in the desert it was priced at $66.00 USD to do more testing. Is there anything that can be done to soften the recoil Hatsan uses a VORTEX Nitrogen Piston. Also, the chronograph numbers using a 14.3 grain were and average of 740 ft/sec. not even close to the original stated I read back a year ago or so when the gun was introduced in the US market..  In order for RETAY to salvage any possibility of returning to the US market there has to be major changes to make the gun more user friendly and fun to shoot. I am sorry but I told you I would give you my honest evaluation..

Very good review honda191. I bought a 135x when Amazon had them for less than $100 but I sent it back as it was totally unshootable (the cheekpiece obscured the alignment of the open sights). I see that Amazon has them listed again for $230.;field-keywords=retay+air+guns&amp;sprefix=retay%2Caps%2C188&amp;crid=152WWRWUVBTJ3

There are so many quality AG's in the $200-$250 range that I can't imagine Retay will have a prayer in that market segment without major revisions in design & QC.


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