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Bigbore Energy/Ballistics calculator

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 Many thanks Chris for the link.

just my 2 cents, inputted info for my 308 quackenbush, told me at fps I was shooting and sighting in at 50 yards table told me at 70 yrds  shot would drop 2.5 inches. well folks, the shot didn't drop 2.5 but a whole six inches. just sayin......nothing works better than spending time on the range to learn how a gun shoots....

Always send a monkey into space first, test the math yes !

I used this at 500, 550 and 615 yards on my 257 Haley 12 oz soda can video’s and always put me within 20 to 30 inches at 600 yards.

file 404. Dunno where it ran away to.


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