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HPA tank?


 Hey guys, i was wondering if you could sort out a few questions i have about a future pcp setup. I'm going to need a way to fill that badboy and see that a good Hill pump is $400.00.. there are lesser pumps but will they hold up?  I think i need a pump and a tank to get consistent pressure as refills are removed from the cylinder? So far as tanks go, i'm seeing brand new 3000 tanks for about $139.00. A fill adapter w/ hp hose at pyramid air is $80.00 and the other adapter would come with the gun. That is all i need right?  Is a water separator/filter required/good idea?    J


Rodents Rapture:
I have an Air Venturi G4, $199.00 and it's giving me the blue. The guys at PA were pretty good with fixing it the first time. I hope they'll be just as nice when I send it to them this time.
 It had a leak when I got it but I just figured the seals and O-rings needed to settle in. It never happened and just got worse. I sent it back on June 26, they rebuilt the 3rd stage and did whatever else they did to it and it worked fine til 2 weeks ago. Now it's not pumping at all. "dang" thing isn't pumping any air on the down-stroke. Works fine til I hook it up to the tank. The down-stroke air is going into the upstroke chamber and staying in there. Every time I pump down the up-stroke end fills with more and more air and holds the pressure in the tube. As soon as I open the vent screw the pressure goes into the down-stroke side.

Maybe I just got a &^^& one.

lol, well thats a little better,  thanks John


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