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New Chrony


I finally got my new chrony today and man I learned a lot.  My Career 202s is pushing a 100 grain air venturi 764 fps and has some serious power approx 130 fpe.  I also learned why my 350 mag hates JSB exacts.  With every other pellet it was getting between 18 and 22fpe but with the JSBs it was only pushing 14 fpe and had 30 fps of deviation.   :o

cfx...which model did you get?

I can see where one could be handy for diagnostics type info.

I go the Shooting Chrony Beta the blue model and it works great.  Easy setup except for the skyscreens and it even tells you if your doing something wrong.  Most reviews complained of poorly written instructions but since I work in the telecommunication industry I am used to overly complex manuals.

Congrats on the new chrony!


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