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Information on BigBore airguns


  Here are a couple links that will give those interested in BB(Bigbore) airgunning a basic history of these powerful rifles and also a few links with modern manufacturers.

1.   Nobody knows air like Dr. Beeman

2.  Pyramid blog by Tom Gaylord



 Airgun manufacturers:

 Thank you Todd(Tworr) and Butcher45 for these links..

 Dennis Quackenbush


Jack Haley

Leroy Roduner

Randy Mitchell

Dan Mcvey


Evanix/Sam Yang

Korean BigBore power tunes:


 Slug castings/Bullet molds:

  Thank you Marvin, for this exceptional link

R&L airguns is Selling Jager airguns in 30 and 357 also.

Shot my new 357 Evanix Max at 5 spam cans wrapped together with two layers of duck tape I used 85 grain 357 hollow points, they penetrated all 5 cans from 20 feet and entered the 3/4" plywood of my rubber mulch and electricians putty back stop and this is not even close to the most powerful 357's out there but it is a semi auto. Big bores are beast and yes could be used for defense of my RV if required in a non gun friendly state like the one in which I live. Overnight areas are not as safe as one may think. Through I have a multi state carry license only police, politicos, business owners, and criminals can carry in my state and my RV is not a home unless I am connected to utilities in a RV park. I tested the max after airing it up and letting it sit for over a month no air loss I love it. Hopefully it will only ever be used for target practice, My DW loves it because there is little noise and no kick!


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