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the sloth:
Came across this fun little tidbit this morning while looking for local hydro testing:

"PAINTBALL COMPRESSORS: We have recently found an air tank that was corroded so bad the air was leaking from the fiber wrap. Several grams of aluminum oxide were poured from the tank. When high pressure air is mixed with moisture, rapid corrosion occurs. So much metal is lost that a tank can leak or explode in as little as 6 months. This is why it is important that all paintball high pressure compressors have integrated desiccant filter stacks that are serviced every 100 hours. A desiccant filter that is ignored will pass water to the paintball tank and damage it quickly. (This tank is available for inspection at our shop.)"


Please use PROPER desiccant filters and have your tanks inspected and hydro'ed by professionals as recommended... wouldn't want anyone to get hurt by a compromised tank :\

 :o Very interesting information thank you for sharing

so a desicant is basically mandatory??  great, even more money I need to spend. 
the relative humidity inside here in winter stays around 30%  so I think im good, but by summer I got to get an air dryer.  the thought of a 4500 psi tank of any size going pop is scary

The problem is that your 30% humidity becomes saturated (100%) just at the output of the shop compressor.... and so would 15% RH.... I use 25' of coiled hose and a 2 gallon reservoir (to cool the air and condense out any water), and then two dessicant filters between that reservoir and my ShoeBox, and they last about 8 hours between servicing.... I'm thinking after reading this I will service them every 6 hours (2 lubrication cycles) while there is still a good amount of blue colour left in the second one....

Realistically, though, the only way to guarantee dry air into your tank is a dessicant filter after the ShoeBox, but you need one that has a 5000 psi MSWP.... That is very expensive....


Can be made a 3000psi desiccant filter using an airgun airtube filled with silicagel ?


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