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co2 bulk fill how to


If I have a 9oz paintball tank and want to fill it with a larger co2 tank how do I do that correctly?
I've heard somewhere that they used to weigh a tank empty and then fill it to about 80% of its stated capacity, to be on the safe side and not blow out a burst disc.
That means a 9oz tank only has about 7ozs or co2 in it when its full??
But I've also heard that some just hook the big bottle up to the little bottle and open the valve and wait a few minutes for the pressure to equalize and then unscrew the little bottle from the big one and its full. Saying that its not about volume but internal pressure. And that pressure is still the same now matter what the size of the tank or its internal volume.
Does that make sense?
How does that "not" blow something up?
I really want to bulk fill a 2240 but don't want to lose an eye or a hand doing it.
Any tips fellows??

Hi..just hook it straight up & let the pressure equalize...
there will bo no probs as long as the tank yer filling is
rated to the same or higher pressure as the tank yer filling from..

I fill my PCPs with just need a a hose and
a way to bleed down... I made a unit that has the same
fitting as a scuba tank that screws into a industrial gas cylinder
so a standard fill station can be used...


I have a 9 oz that I fill to the max if I was to use it after filling. All I do is freeze the 9 oz in the freezer then top it off. Transfer will stop when the both bottles equalizes in temp. Small or big bottle will have same internal pressure. To be on the safe side, I marked my bottles with MT wt then weight it after filling. I do the same refilling my 88grams airsource. Make sure you invert the donor bottle or have a siphon when filling so you get liquid CO2.

Well how in the world do you guys explain this?


I prefer the 2nd method on his list..freeze the bottle in the freezer then top off. When I fill my 9oz with lowering it's temp. I can only get approx. 5.5 oz then it quit moving co2 to donor bottle. The 1st method Tim mentioned, the donor bottle get's about 1 oz then bleed it off to chill the bottle then top off (why waste co2) ...that's what my fill station do to fill my 20 oz bottles. I never get 20 oz fill to my bottles, get around 18-19 oz.


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