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Ruger Airhawk parts

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I bought a Ruger Airhawk at a yardsale a couple of weeks back. The barrell was somwhat loose and I took the stock off to tighten the pivot screw. Turns out the pivot screw had snapped. Where can i get a replacement pivot screw?


Ruger is distributed by Umarex, so you could try there.  You might have better luck with Mike Melick at Flying Dragon Airguns, though.

No luck at Umarex. I emailed Mike through his website, maybe i get lucky and he has some. Thx for the help.

If mike doesn't have it , pyramid air stocks parts for rws 34' s . They're a direct fit. Or, go down to the hardware store and match it up to a grade 10 button head Allen. Don't worry if the bolt doesn't have a long shoulder. It will be encased in the pivot tube, so, it won't wear on the breech block. Just grease the threads before you reassemble.

Oh, cool. Thanks! Will check there next but like the hardware store back up!


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