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pellet man:
Hi just read something that made me think I might be able to change barrel on my vantage np from .177 to .22. I really like working on stuff and new to this hobby. I did a search but no results. Also parts for Crosman I hear you can buy them cheap from Crosman but can't find them on there web site. Thanks for any advice.

Big Bore Bart:
  Bottom right corner, download the manuals.    Then when you have the part #s that you want, you call with your card ready.   All part orders are best done over the phone.    You give the pn they tell you the price.    Shipping is a flat $4.00 for most orders

  HTH  Bart.

Changing out a barrel on the rifle could be a real pain. I don't know if they have changed the way they installed there barrels but a few years ago they were pressed and pined. It was almost impossible to remove a barrel from the breech with out a press.

Best of luck


The Crosman Vantage is a break barrel, I believe.  For most of them you simply remove the stock to access the pivot screw and remove the pivot screw.  The barrel is then free to go.

pellet man:
Thanks I just like to mess with stuff want to learn what I can do I have really good shop but not much knowledge with these guns. Parts are a big thing I could not see anything in the bottom right corner to click on. Again thanks I just want to learn.


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