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3/8" vs 11mm Scope Mount

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Hello to all,

I am wondering if there is enough difference between the 3/8" Dovetail Mounting and the 11mm Dovetail Mounting  to cause a poor fit on the rifle ?

3/8" = .375 = 9.52mm. Vs  11mm = .433

My thinking is the dovetail will not seat properly when a mount is designed for an 3/8 dovetail and it it mounted on an air rifle with an 11mm dovetail.

Also, will the position of the scope to barrel centerline be a problem ?

Thanks for reading and I hope there is a definitive answer.

Some mounts are made to work with either 3/8" or 11mm dovetails.  These scopes will have a reversible side.  Besides a difference in distance between the slots the angles of the slots themselves are different.  You do bring up some valid points.

You are correct - theoretically the centerline of the scope may not coincide precisely with the centerline of the barrel.  I hadn't even thought about that.  The closer the target is to the gun, the more noticeable it will be.

 The combination mounts may not be perfect but they seem adequate to me. 

According to Tom at PA's blog 11mm is very much a nominal width, especially as older air rifles are concerned. They may range from 9.5mm (3/8") to 14mm (0.55") and the angle of the groove also varies. I'm still building up the reputation to be allowed post links, but if you google "pyramyd air blog 11mm width" the two first hits at least have this information.

If the scope is off to one side from the barrel line, the point of aim will coincide with the point of impact at most at one range. When shooting closer or further up, they will be separated in the horizontal direction. In practice the difference in centerlines would rarely be big enough to become noticeable.

  The manufacturer/OEM should know the dovetail rail size, call to find out.   3/8in rail was typically American and 11mm rail European. You can get compatible rings or 3/8 in only, 11mm only.  If you ever actually mount a 3/8 in ring on a 11mm rail,  you'll see the difference, and it looks wrong to me.  The consensus here is theres no difference, then why the two different rails and I can buy rings made for each.  ???

I have read the postings on many sites and will probably but the mount suggested but I am not happy.

As stated, if the mount is made for 3/8 mount the center line will be off in width, yes only about 10or 15 thousandths but off none the less.

As stated, why do they make both if they are the same thing, which in my opinion they are not ?

Thanks for the comments.


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