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Walther Reign UXT and Huma Huma Regulator

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I have a Walther Reign UXT, which is an unregulated air rifle. Huma Air just came out with a regulator for the Walther Reign M2, although it appears capable of handling FAC pressures.

This begs the question whether this regulator will fit in the UXT. When I spoke with the good folks at Huma, they were uncertain. Moreover, they have no guidance on adjusting the hammer tension once a regulator is installed. Does anyone have any thoughts about modifying the Walther Reign UXT to accept a Huma regulator?

I bought one and will be a crash dummy for the team... Both guns are the same except for the reg, steel bottle, no barrel shroud. 

You will be lessening the hammer spring tension

 Following, gun I have been thinking of since released.

How does one lessen the hammer spring tension and how does one measure how much adjustment is needed?


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