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misplaced air filler probe! Something else has to work . . .

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I have lost track of the air filler probe for my Gamo Coyote. it's the same one for the BSA Buccaneer, and probably for the Gamo Urban. Replacements at the US airgun vendors are about $38!
Has anyone crossed this to another rifle? I tried a shot in the dark with one on Amazon and it was too large in diameter. I think had it been 7mm, the placement of the o-rings would have had it work. Getting punished, not using my rifle, for stupidly losing track of one thing. Getting fleeced is another!
Gamo USA has it cheaper but it's on backorder.

I cant help other than to say after reading several stories similar to yours…when I got into PCP.. I now have 8…I got a carrier to keep mags and probes in…perhaps u should consider the $38 a penalty(joking) fee to remind u to be more careful …some folks have been known to leave probe in gun…good luck

Probes in the left and mags in the right…when lid is closed there are labels…I only bench shoot ,so no lugging it around…

I do the same as Phil. I have one organizer for mags and one for probes.
I have a case for the NOTOS that I keep the rifle and several accessories in. I do keep the mags and probe for that gun in it's case.
I really had to teach myself to put them back when finished with them. I have a real bad habit of leaving things lay when I'm done using them. I'm always cleaning up from an old project before I can begin a new one.


As mobile as my guns and equipment are, I keep probes and mags in the gun when ever possible. Nothing worse than getting to the place to shoot and not having everything you need, what wrong caliber JSBs ??? No wonder I missed every shot LOL

Well, you are all right!
Leaving the probe in the gun is a good idea. I got the impression I needed to get the dust cap back on, but since I don’t field shoot, it’s something I will do with the next one. My fill line had the quick release on the pump end and it didn’t occur to me to QR both ends.
I have only one gun and no collection of “bits” so there’s no storage box.


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