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A bunch of old air guns


  I stopped at The Trading Post in downtown Owensboro, Ky to see what they had.  It is the place I last bought a restorable 1971 Sheridan Blue Streak for $35, a Daisy 102 model 36 needing a reseal for $15 and a nice vintage 1938 Red Rider Carbine that also just needed a reseal for $20.  They had a rack of old guns in rough shape this time and I passed on them. Most were Daisy lever guns like 102's and 99's and a few Crosman pump guns like a 66 and 760.  One was a King Air Gun Co lever gun Model 2136 that was from the 1930's for $55. It looked restorable but that was more than I was willing to pay. It looked like a Daisy and King was later bought by Daisy, I think.   Here is a picture of their gun rack. I love these kind of junk shops.


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