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JTS Airacuda .30 vs Umarex Gauntlet 2 .30

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I've decided that I want to add a .30 caliber rifle to the stable. I'm not looking to spend a fortune and both of these rifles are in my budget.

For starters I really hate how the Gauntlet looks but I am willing to consider it anyway because it makes quite a bit more power in stock form than the Airacuda. Like all of my other guns this will be primarily a hunting weapon so power is important to me. I did a lot of Google searching and watched a lot of videos and I have not seen any talk of tuning/moding the Airacudas for more power. A high shot count does not matter to me, I would be perfectly happy to only have a mag worth of shots in the 100fpe range if that's possible?

My other concern is parts availability, is one company a better option than the other? I've never dealt with either of these companies before. Most of my guns have been Crosman/Benjamin and most recently an Airforce. I have been doing this long enough to know that parts like poppets and o-rings get damaged and need to be replaced. I also did a lot of Googling on this subject and came up basically empty handed on solid information for either company. Both have a warranty but what about after the warranty is up? I plan to have whatever I buy for a very long time. I bought a Discovery around 2010, shot probably 20,000 pellets out of it so far. I have rebuilt it 3-4 times and it still shoots just as well as the day that I bought it.

Have you considered the weight? The JTS is 1 pound lighter.


--- Quote from: avator on May 10, 2024, 09:28:04 PM ---Have you considered the weight? The JTS is 1 pound lighter.

--- End quote ---

I had not considered the weight, I don't think that it's a big factor. I figured the Gauntlet was probably a little heavier as it seems to have more onboard air.

Yep, nearly 9 pounds unscoped.. that's pretty hefty for dragging around on a hunt.

 Let me toss this in the mix, I have mine tuned for 10 shots at over 100 fpe.


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