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Crosman M-400 .22 cal. Repeater!!

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Excerpt from my CD “Old Airguns and Memories”

Hello to all;

Crosman introduced the M-400 Dual Co2 cartridge Repeater. 22 cal. in 1957 trigger block thru stock, in 1962 they came out with the second variant, adjustable trigger and safety located on the cast trigger housing. Production ceased in 1964.

The M-400 did not use the much more complicated repeating system employed in the M-118 series, instead the M-400 utilized a new external twist rod actuated shuttle system (Crosman called it swing -feed loading) they did however maintain the same detachable in - line 10 round magazine of the M-118. The first variant 400 was said to have a "Load Indicator" incorporated in the system, the 2nd variant did not at least mine did not!!

Crosman really touted the barrel on the M-400, they called them "TRU-FLYTE HEAVY DUTY BARRELS, WITH PRECISION "BUTTON RIFLING" found only in more expensive rifles, referencing firearms barrels no doubt.

The M-400 was really a very compact unit with a weight of 4lb OAL 34".  It had a standard elevator type rear sight adjusted for windage and elevation and a wood stock.

One further note the M-400 does not have the anti-double feed device employed with the M-118 so due diligence is necessary to avoid double loading!!!!!!

The M-400 UTILIZED 2 -12gm. Co2 cartridges, velocity was quoted at 450 fps, (we shall see that this figure was considerably understated as was the accuracy @ 1/2 inch groups @ 25 ft.)

Operation of the bolt did not cock the rifle but rather facilitated loading of the pellet from the shuttle to the barrel. Cocking was accomplished with a cocking button at the rear of the action there were two power cocking positions low and fully to the rear high.

The safety lever (second variant) is located on the right side of the trigger guard and is rotated back towards the rear for safe and flicked forward to fire. Charging the rifle you have to unscrew the front Knurled Tube Cap with piercing pin insert the first Co2 cartridge small neck down and the second small neck up, replace the front Knurled Tube Cap and tighten to pierce the top Co2 cartridge and back off 1/8 turn piercing the front cartridge and then cock the rifle (make sure it is not loaded) and fire to pierce the second Co2 cartridge, the rifle is now charged!!

Loading the magazine; retract the small protruding pin, and rotate up and lock in slot, load 10 pellets and, with rifle pointing up insert magazine push forward until the magazine detent locks in place, rotate pin out of lock slot and allow to move forward placing tension on loaded pellets.

I obtained my M-400 at a Gun Show in Kerrville, Texas in 1986 it was in good shape had the original magazine, but would not hold a charge. I did a complete valve rebuild and shot the 400 many times over the intervening years using Crosman match type pellets, power and accuracy were very good and the repeating mechanism was impressive.

In 2010 I rebuilt the valve system again and performed a few other techniques, clearance bushing for the action lock stud and shimming the front of the stock for a solid lockup. I also decided to mount a scope at this time. I had a Tasco 3/4  3x7x20 on hand adjusted the parallax to 25 yds. I looked around to see what I could do for a mount system. I found a Sheridan  2-piece clamp on mount in my parts bin and a set of 1" Weaver tip off rings and was set to go except for a couple of things!! The Sheridan clamp mount was for a .345 inch barrel and the Crosman barrel measured .565!!!!

So I secured the clamp mount vertically in my mill and drilled the out the center circumference to 31/64 or .484" done. Still had 1 inch rings and a 3/4 inch scope!!!  Simple I had some 1 inch round nylon stock, chucked it up in the lathe center drilled with a 3/4 inch drill then cut the drilled  nylon stock in half width wise and used them, cut to length as reducers in the Weaver 1 inch rings and it was good to go!!!!  Ron Robinson clamp mounts would have avoided all this!!!
(*I did get some RR Mounts later and switched to them.) The adjustable trigger was set @ 3.0 - 3.5 lbs sear was moly lubed, this is all that is necessary and perfectly adequate and safe.

Field range test were conducted @ 25 yds. RWS Match 14.0 grains and RWS 11.9 grains Match Hobby pellets were used. The first two 5 shot accuracy test utilized the Hobby pellets #1- .920" center to center #2- 1.130"(disappointing to say the least!) The third target was shot with the RWS Match 14.0 grains and measured .520" center to center, This is what Crosman claimed at @ 25 FT!!!

This is what this rifle and ammo combo is really capable of!!! Velocity with the  Hobby pellets average for first 10 shots was high 642 fps low 625 fps for an average of 633 fps 10.6 ft. lbs., just did not meet the accuracy standards the M-400 was capable of with the RWS Match .

The next 40 shots with RWS Match 14.0 grain pellet measured a high of 602 fps and a low of 592 fps. for an average of 597 fps 11.8 ft. lbs. (50-60 usable shots on high power setting are possible on this rifle)! No I did not use the low power setting, just not interested!!

The .520" groups were repeatable with the RWS Match pellets, maybe there is something to the" TRU-FLYTE HEAVY BARRELS!!!!!  Truly remarkable performance from a 62 year old CO2 Rifle, really glad I HAVE MINE!!!


 Thanks, Garey, 
 This is much appreciated.  I have the earlier version with the safety through the stock.
 My version didn't come with the two power settings.


Thanks for looking in and your comments , appreciated. I have read some early M400 units had 2 and some had only one cocking position, i don't know, at least I know now there were some with one cocking position , thanks too you.,  never seem to have all the information we need or want .History on these old units is fun to look into!!



--- Quote from: mindsweeper333 on May 07, 2024, 01:03:03 AM ---Matchstickshooter;

Thanks for looking in and your comments , appreciated. I have read some early M400 units had 2 and some had only one cocking position, i don't know, at least I know now there were some with one cocking position , thanks too you.,  never seem to have all the information we need or want .History on these old units is fun to look into!!


--- End quote ---

  This came to me needing all seals replaced, and major rust.  Also, the mag was missing. But I got a lot of help/tips from our members.
  The mag was new manufacture, passed on to me, and had too big a spring in it. I cut two coils.
Inside the valve, the end of the stem had to be filed off a bit, because of chatter.   It would chatter like crazy.  Had it apart many times! lol



Nice outcome on your M-400 congrats!!



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