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What is it that makes Sheridan rifles so highly praised?

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And when was it last manufactured?

Edit:  I got the answer to the in-post question at this site:

Still interested in why people revere them.

  For many years, the Sheridan was simply the best in its class.  Still one of the finest multi-pump pneumatics ever produced. 

  Have you ever shot one?  If not, you really should.

 Spent my childhood looking at the adds, never got one only Daisy and Crosman. Now I got one :) Just a solid metal and wood rifle.

My younger bought a blue streak about 1965. He really loved that rifle. He later traded it for a motor scooter to commute to work faster than his 20 inch bicycle.  He still misses it. It gets mentioned whenever there is any talk of airguns.

Did you have something when you were younger that made you happy?


In my opinion the Crosman 101 set the bar for pumpers. Then along came Sheridans and took pumpers to a whole new level. And as Pat said herself in her title, they are highly praised. Them volume of them still around today is testament of them passing the test of time. The power, accuracy and durability are above reproach. I wouldn't even think about putting a scope on one of mine. I did once and took it right back off. For me, the peep sight is the only way to go.
They are slim and shoulder very well. 5 strokes on the pump handle is all I've ever needed to deal whatever I intended to point it at. And often times it don't even take that many.
The .20 calibers gives the best of both the .177 and .22 worlds. Flat trajectory with power that reaches out there.
The brass barrel is soldered to the full length of the tube so things like harmonics and flex are non existence.
The lines of the guns are sexy.. especially the older thumb hold down safety ones.
I have 3 of them ranging in ages from the late 50's to late 60's and they would be among the last of my collection to go.
I recommend you shoot one.. you'll see.   ;)


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