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Seneca Sumatra 2500 .22 foster air dump issue

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I let my Sumatra sit for over 6 months with about 2000 psi in it. Picked it up to try a new moderator and at firing all I got was a click. Loosened the pressure gauge to let the air out and refill it. When the pressure was below 500 psi it would fire. Thought all was well but after upon attempting to refill it via my Nomad II it took much more than half an hour to get it to even 1200 psi. Upon shutting the compressor down at 125 bar and releasing the pressure valve on compressor to take off the quick coupling the Sumatra dumped all the air directly out of the foster fitting on the rifle. A couple of tests with lower pressures confirmed that when uncoupled from the compressor the air is completely dumped out of the Sumatra through the foster fill port.

update: I removed the male foster fitting on the Sumatra, removed the o-ring below it, put some silicone oil into the hole below the o-ring, which I replaced, and now it is filling at 3x the speed it was filling before. Less than 10 minutes to get to 1200 psi. I will let it get over 2000 psi before I shut down the compressor.

Any ideas if it still dumps air straight out the foster end?

Madd Hatter:
There's a check valve in the cap that the foster screws into. The Oring that seals the check valve probably stuck and when you filled the rifle it was pulled off of the valve. All you need to do is un screw the cap and put the Oring back on. I've found with my Sumatra I need to release the pressure from the hose very fast or it will all leak out.

I got it to fill and hold air now.
But at 2000 psi all I get is a click. No firing. When I get it down into the mid yellow range on the dial, about 75 bar, then it will fire fine. Any higher pressure and I am back to it being non-firing

On the bright side, even at that low pressure, I can tell the new moderator I printed for it works great. Now I just need to get it to fire at a pressure I can use it

Update: at 1000 psi, if I turn the power wheel all the way up, it fires, barely. I can put my finger over the barrel it's so weak. Turn the power wheel all the way down, just a click is all I get. Higher pressure and I get nothing at all but a click

Here is what I get at 1000 psi with wheel all the way up:

Madd Hatter:
I bet your gage is off.

stuck a video in the previous post so you can see and hear it. Gauge seems to match what my compressor says, unfortunately. If it were my AEA Challenger I would say the hammer is not hitting the valve hard at all


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