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Seneca wingshot 2


Conner holifield:
I'm wanting to buy a seneca wingshot 2 for small game and turkey and duck and geese and dove. What power mods has everyone else did to there wingshots.

To be honest, from my own esperance with it and everything I have read about it. I feel like mine is best used to fire airbolts which in Florida can be used for deer and turkeys. It is not great with shot and being modified for more power would help but you will only get a few shots so is it worth it? Not for me. There are much better air shotguns out there but they are spendy. If you get that modified you will have spent the extra money that would have gotten you a better gun. The best one right now is the Serpent Arms air shotgun, light, powerful and expensive to buy and to shoot. But it does a better job than the Wingshot II will ever do. I do shoot shot from mine and I also muzzle load it with fiber wads to get more shot in it but like I said airbolts is where it shines.

 Wow in my neck of the world too LOL I may have to check them out  8)

Here is David testing one out.

This thing gets the job done but it's not cheap and not cheap to shoot.
But I sure would like to have one myself, who knows it could happen.


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