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“Benjamin Model 250.177 CO2 Pistol”


“Excerpt from my CD “Old Airguns and Memories”

(A little Nostalgia For us all)

The Benjamin Model 250 .177 caliber pistol was introduced in 1952, the “first” CO2 pistol in the Benjamin Air Rifle Company’s line up. It was named the “Benjamin Super CO2 Pistol”. (Picked this unit up at a Gun Show in 1983.)

It was a smooth bore and shot .177 caliber pellets, Darts or B-B, weighed about 2 lbs and utilized the 8 gram. CO2 cartridges (No. 2500) as Benjamin advertised them; came with wood grips, accuracy was stated as 1-2 inches @ 5 to 10 yards . No velocity figures were given in the ads.

The rear sight is an adjustable leaf type, a simple set screw can be used for elevation and the hold down attachment screw loosened for lateral adjustments. The safety is a push type trigger block mounted on the frame.

Charging the pistol with CO2 required removal of the slotted (o-ringed) knurled muzzle plug then drop in a 8 gram cartridge small neck first, reinstall the muzzle plug and tighten snugly by hand only, rotate the cocking bolt to clear the breech cap, pull back the bolt to cock the pistol and return the bolt to lock position , pull the trigger (pistol pointed down range) and the striker will then pierce the cartridge and charge the pistol with CO2. (*make sure the pistol has no ammo in the barrel before this step is taken.)

The B-250 series were replaced in 1956 by the “Benjamin Super CO2 Rocket Gas Pistol” with 2-stage Hi Low Jet Power. (2 cocking positions) which had rifled barrels in .177(267) or .22 (262) caliber, they were essentially the same pistol as the B-250 series except for the rifled barrels and 2 stage cocking positions, Low/High power.

The B-250 pistol came with wood grip panels, the later 260 series came with plastic grips. The B-250 pistol has, in my opinion, one of the best grip ergonomic characteristics of any of the pellet pistols in that time frame and still holds true today. The grip angle very closely resembles the Colt. Government model 1911 pistol grip, one of the most comfortable for the hand I have ever experienced.

One cannot expect great accuracy results from a short barrel smooth bore CO2 pistol that advertises DARTS as an ammo choice, (No, I did not try any darts in the field range test!)  I did however test with RWS Diabolo .177 caliber Pellets, Gamo .177 caliber round lead shot and .177 caliber JSB Exacts.

I might point out if you shoot B-Bs, be sure and wear safety glasses and just my recommendation do not shoot at any hard object, ricochets can be dangerous, and personally I shoot only lead round balls generally. The bolt end is hollow, facilitating the loading of the B-Bs or round lead shot!

As with all units that I test; the B-250 was resealed prior to testing. The velocity test was conducted with the muzzle 24 inches from the first Chronograph sky screen. Test # 1 used the Gamo round lead BBS, @ 8.17 grains a series of 25 shots averaged 384 fps. 2.7 ft. lbs. Test 2 used the RWS Diabolo @ 7.9 grains a series of 25 shots averaged 345 fps and 2.08 ft. lbs. Test #3 used JSB Exacts @ 8.4 grains a series of 20 shots averaged 377 fps and 2.7 ft. lbs.

Accuracy test was conducted @10 yards from a bench rest. It was clear that the B-250 was going to be relegated to mostly plinking status from the performance exhibited on the targets. I normally use one 8.5x11 cardstock paper with three ½ inch adhesive dots evenly spaced across the center for accuracy testing, not going to work with the B-250 pistol, too much shot dispersion!! I set up three separate targets for the B-250.

Accuracy test #1 utilized the Gamo round lead shot (8.17grains.) eight shots measured 2.87”, test # 2 utilized RWS Diablo pellets (7.9 grains.) 6 shots measured 3.660”, test # 3 utilized JSB Exacts (8.4 grains.) 5 shots measured 1.710”. The B-250 is a designated plinking pistol for sure! The JSB pellets did offer some degree of accuracy and would be the obvious choice for this pistol!

I don’t know why Benjamin initially did not go with a rifled barrel on the B-250 (they did the next year with the 252 -257series). I am quite sure accuracy could have been significantly improved!

The B-250 pistol is still a fun shooting little pistol and an excellent platform for young folks to learn the safe handling and shooting characteristics of a pistol! It is now approaching 72 + years old and probably hard to find, but if you can, by all means get it!!!


Great write up about a Sheridan's pistol.



Thank for looking in , however it is a Benjamin Pistol not a Sheridan. 



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