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Air Venturi Wingshot parts supplier


I am looking for a supplier for an Air Venturi Wingshot shotgun parts. I picked up a used single tube Wingshot that the PO got water in the air tube. It rusted the air tube and fill plug threads together and started leaking. He stripped the  threads  on the plug while trying to take it out. The tube threads are still clean. I ordered a plug from PA. But itís the wrong one. It was for a Seneca. But for a Sumatra-8. It looks identical but much smaller in diameter. My bad. I just took a chance as it was the only place that I could find one.  I did put a call in to Air Venturi. But havenít heard back. Are there any other places that I might get the air tube plug? I would also need the oring, plastic plug and roll-pin that goes into the plug. Thanks guys. Darrell

 If AV can not help this would be my next try.

Will do. Thank you


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