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Crosman and Daisy Paint

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--- Quote from: JPSAXNC on April 11, 2024, 08:31:30 AM ---Maybe powdered coated, Waiting for paint to dry seems to tedious and costly for modern production.

--- End quote ---

I have stripped and/or media blasted powder coated stuff before......... it is TOUGH stuff..........

Daisy/Crosman parts are EZ stripped with media blasting........definitely NOT PC....IMO

Get this. Available in 3 sheens and flows out like glass. You have to thin it right and try this cheap little air brush from Harbor freight. I buy the upgrade airbrush hose because the plastic one is junk. Throw the jar away if you don't want to clean it because the kit comes with several. Then after a number of jobs just buy a new  kit. CHEAP and works good. Professional results.

Rustoleum applied as mentioned above. Very smooth as is typical for oil base enamel when properly applied

I found that a coat of Gloss Black followed by a thin coat of Matt Clear gives a very nice finish.
Almost like stock parts. I let the Black dry a few days before I clear.
Everything is soaked in Lacquer Thinner for a couple days, then scrubbed and cleaned again with Lacquer thinner.
Then the painting starts.
I always wear rubber gloves when setting the parts up for paint.


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